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For most people, going through the process of separation and divorce is a very emotional time. Even though you may agree to divorce, you might not agree about anything else. Talking to each other, and making mutually beneficial decisions regarding financial division, child & spousal support, and custody can be very difficult. This process often goes more smoothly when a Mediator is present.

A Mediator is a neutral and impartial third party who is there to assist you in your negotiations. You make the decisions yourselves. Couples who are unable to make these decisions together, may end up having to go to court to let a judge make decisions for them. Divorce Mediation offers an alternative to the expensive, stressful, time-consuming, and adversarial process of going through the Ontario court system. For couples who wish to save time, money, and preserve relationships, Divorce Mediation is the answer.

GDM is Unique

Great Divides Mediation is a full-service boutique Family Mediation Firm. We provide personal, flexible, end-to-end Divorce Services and customized packages to clients in Toronto, and across the GTA who are looking for a mediated Separation Agreement*.

Carolyn Gille, the founder of GDM, is a seasoned Senior Family Mediator, and a trusted name in the industry. She is skilled at guiding clients through the negotiation process in the areas of Net Family Property division  & Equalization, and Child & Spousal Support. She can also assist with Custody negotiations, and the creation of a Parenting Plan. Services are also available in Dutch and French.

Carolyn is an Accredited Family Mediator (AccFM with the OAFM), and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA with the IDFA).  Carolyn has a BSs in Child Developmental Psychology, and an BA (Hons)  in Philosophy, and is an active member of the Canadian Psychological Association. She also has Certificates in both Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Family Mediation from York University. Carolyn grew up in Toronto, but lived in Europe for 18 years before moving back to Canada with her husband and 2 kids.

What are people saying about Great Divides Mediation?

KC – Collaborative Lawyer in Toronto

“The work you are doing is fabulous and on point with the family law work I am doing. I really enjoyed working with you, and hope that there will be even greater opportunities for us to work together again in the future.”

GG – Client in the GTA

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You were amazing to work with at this difficult time of my life. Again, thank you so much.”

KH – AccFM in the GTA

“I know Carolyn as a intelligent, capable, and compassonate medator. She provdes sklled guidance through the separation process, while setting a peaceful and non-judgemental tone.”

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