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Why Mediate?

Mediation is ECONOMICAL: Mediation is much less expensive than litigation, and can save you literally THOUSANDS of dollars. With Amicable Divorce Mediation, you’ll know from the start what your package will cost. You’ll save money!

Mediation is FAST: YOU determine the time required to complete your process. You’ll save time!

Mediation is LESS STRESSFUL: You’ll be lead through a very structured process by a neutral and impartial third party, and you’ll have a plan and a timeline. This allows you to decide together how to resolve your issues, instead of letting a judge decide.

Mediation is a SMART CHOICE: It helps you create lasting agreements and teaches valuable negotiation skills.

Mediation PRESERVES RELATIONSHIPS: Moving forward is easy when everyone is satisfied with the outcome.

What are the Steps to an Amicable Divorce® Settlement?

Step 1: Consultation by Phone- When you call to make an appointment, I’ll be there to answer your questions.

Step 2: Mediation Orientation – This face-to-face consultation will allow us to exchange information, identify your mediation goals, and determine which services best suit your needs. We’ll combine these into a customized package, so you’ll know up front what the process will cost and how long it will take.

Step 3: Individual Sessions – In accordance with the OAFM Standards of Practice, our next meetings will be Individual Sessions. Each spouse will have the opportunity to share information relevant to the mediation in private.

Step 4: Joint Mediation – We will work together to resolve each of your issues, and to reach your common goals: Generating options, making concessions, and finding common ground so you can come to mutually satisfying agreements. All your financial, support, and parenting decisions will be carefully documented and formalized.

Step 5: ‘Next Steps’ Meeting – FINAL Separation Agreement* – All your decisions and agreements will been bound into a formal Separation Agreement and hand-delivered. I will make sure you are clear on any next steps you need to take, including seeking and obtaining ILA** before you sign any legally binding documentation.

What Goes in a Separation Agreement?

A Separation Agreement* is a legally binding contract created between two spouses, at the time of their separation. This contract sets out each party’s rights on issues such as: Division of Property, Child Custody & Access, and Child & Spousal support. Once a Separation Agreement* has been signed and dated by the spouses and by a witness, it becomes legally binding.

What is an NFP?

When a marriage ends, the equal contribution of each person to the marriage is recognized by law. The value of any kind of asset or debt that was acquired by a spouse during the marriage and still exists at separation must be divided equally between the spouses. The payment made to effect this sharing is called an equalization payment.

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