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Are you looking for a Separation Agreement in Vaughan? Or, a Separation Agreement in Oakville? We have locations across the GTA. For most people, going through the process of separation and divorce is a very emotional time. Even though you may agree to an amicable divorce, you might not agree about anything else.

Talking to each other, and making mutually beneficial decisions regarding financial division, child & spousal support, and custody can be very difficult. This process often goes more smoothly when a Mediator is present.

Mediation is confidential and voluntary. A Mediator is a neutral and impartial third party who is there to assist you in your negotiations. You make the decisions yourselves. Couples who are unable to make these decisions together, may end up having to go to court to let a judge make decisions for them. Divorce Mediation offers an alternative to the expensive, stressful, time-consuming, and adversarial process of going through the Ontario court system. For couples who wish to save time, money, and preserve relationships, Divorce Mediation is the answer.


Privacy: Closed Mediation works to maintain your privacy, and keep you and your family out of the public court process

Control: Mediation allows you to make decisions that in the best interests of BOTH parties, while protecting the best interests of your children

Economical: We offer flat fee pricing for customized packages, allowing you to keep your money in the family

Efficient: How long does the process take? The mediation process can be completed as quickly as you need it to be. When both parties provide full financial disclosure, a mediation can be completed within two weeks of signing the mediation agreement.

Evidence that Mediation works: Couples who are in control of their own outcomes, are much more likely to stand behind to the decisions they have made

Can Divorce ever be Amicable?

If you and your spouse have decided to get separated or divorced, but want to avoid the financial and emotional upheaval of a bitter, contested divorce, you are not alone. Although the very contentious divorces are the ones that make headlines, many people seek a different path to dissolution of their marriage.

People hope that a marriage will last forever. There may be disappointment and resentment when a marriage ends, but that does not mean the divorce must turn into an adversarial legal battle. It is possible to have an amicable that ends the marriage with integrity. It takes two people who are willing and able to face what has happened in the marriage, who can focus on the future instead of the past, and who want to find a solution that is best for both of them. That does not mean that there is no conflict. Rather, both parties are able and willing to work through the conflict to develop solutions that are in both parties’ best interests. Every conflict is unique and every relationship faces its own set of challenges. As a mediator, I can help you identify the issues that need to be addressed, uncover what is important to each party, and craft a solution that satisfies your needs.

Of course, divorce is a major life event with emotional significance for any couple. Having a neutral, impartial, skilled, and experienced third party guide you through the process of negotiating a Settlement Agreement can make the process much easier. We can help you to find positive solutions in difficult situations. Separating and divorcing couples appreciate how separation mediation can make the divorce process smooth and simple.

The Role of the Mediator

Mediators do not advise upon, evaluate or determine the outcome of disputes. They provide legal information (but never legal advice). They assist in managing the process of dispute and conflict resolution, whereby the participants agree upon the outcomes, when appropriate. Mediation is essentially a process that maximizes the self determination of the participants. The principle of self-determination requires that mediation processes be non-directive as to content.

A mediator is a referee, a coach, a knowledgeable guide, an impartial and realistic “sounding board”, and an expert in helping people in distress communicate better. A mediator is not a divorce lawyer. A mediator provides a fair and safe process for people to assess their needs, stay focused, communicate effectively, and find a satisfactory outcome. Mediators are neutral towards all parties but very directive when it comes to providing a fair and balanced process. A mediator will help parties work through proposed solutions to ensure they are realistic and workable. Although a mediator will provide legal information, he or she cannot give legal advice.

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