Is A Divorce Lawyer the right way to go?

The sheer number of divorce lawyers in the phone book makes your head spin. Everyone has heard the horror stories from friends and family about how awful and expensive their divorce was. If you and your spouse want to avoid that pain, Divorce Mediation may be the right choice for you. You have enough sense to know divorce lawyers are trained to be litigious. Your future and that of your children depend on how you proceed.

Choosing lawyers and going through the court system is VERY expensive. Instead of looking for common ground, you will be encouraged to ‘fight’. In court, the judge will decide how property is divided, what amount of support is paid, and who will get custody of the children. If you and your spouse are amicable, and wish to make your own decisions, you can always decide to go through Divorce Mediation. Although you will always be encouraged to seek independent legal advice before signing any documents, YOU will be the one to decide what goes in your Separation Agreement.

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Free Phone Consultation